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Motor-generator using permanent magnets US Pat. 5786645 - Filed 26 Oct 1995 ... 7/ McDonald William 318/ 4064442/ ... Direct current motor utilizing back electromotive force US Pat. 5227702 - Filed 19 Sep 1991 ... C1.5 H02K 29/00 US Cl 318/; 318/254; 318/439; 310/; 310/ Field of Search 318 /254,; 310/40 R,,,,,-, 254 References Cited US PATENT DOCUMENTS 4064442/ ... Resonant motor system US Pat. 6847186 - Filed 18 Oct 2002 - Raser Technologies, Inc. ... 318/752; 318/794; 318/254 (58) Field of Search 318/747, 751, 318/752, 794, 795, 701, 254 (56) References Cited US PATENT DOCUMENTS 4064442 A */ Garron ... AC induction motor having multiple poles and increased stator/rotor gap US Pat. 7116029 - Filed 19 Jul 2004 - RT Patent Company, Inc. (54) AC INDUCTION MOTOR HAVING 4064442 A/ Garron MULTIPLE POLES AND INCREASED ... Motor utilizing basic factor and having generator function US Pat. 7116028 - Filed 7 Nov 2002 ... 310/,,,,, 254, 49 R; H02K 41/83, H02K/04 See application file for complete search history. (56) References Cited US PATENT DOCUMENTS 4064442 A/ Garron ... DC motor US Pat. 7123821 - Filed 15 Sep 2005 ... A 4064442 A 3/ Studtmann, Jr. 2/ Amato/ Genovese 7/ McDonald/ Peterson 5/ Baumgartner et al./ Lasater/ Garron 388/822 340/648 ... Electrical resonance circuits for high efficiency direct current motors US Pat. 7230358 - Filed 6 Apr 2004 ... RESONANCE CIRCUITS FOR HIGH EFFICIENCY DIRECT CURRENT MOTORS 4064442 A ... Conservation of electrical energy and electro-magnetic power in motor ... US Pat. 7411363 - Filed 26 Jun 2006 ... A/ 4064442 A/ ... ** | My Account | Sign out Go to Google Patents Home Advanced Patent Search System and method for utilizing magnetic energy Jack W. Hildenbrand Abstract Overview › Abstract Drawing Description Claims *Patent number*: 7453341 *Filing date*: 8 Jul 2005 *Issue date*: 18 Nov 2008 *Application number*: 11/177,604 Plain text Clip Link Feedback PDF -------------------------------------------------- Gustav, war ein einziger Griff : Hier bist Du http://v3.espacenet.com/searchResults?bookmarkedResults=true&submitted=true&DB=EPODOC&locale=de_be&IA=Pese+Gustav&sf=q&FIRST=1&CY=be&LG=de&&st=IA&kw=Pese+Gustav&Submit=SUCHE+NACH&=&=&=&=&= Micha ----------------------------------------------- PATENTE neues Patent Deutschland 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0nMt1FCl28&NR=1 http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/7023122/description.html MagnetMotor http://www.patentstorm.us/class/310/67A/Bicycle_hub_generators/1.html BiCycle MagnetMotor http://www.patentstorm.us/class/310/156.01/Permanent_magnet_rotor/1.html PermanentMagnet Motor Patent http://www.patentstorm.us/class/310/181/Combined_permanent_and_electromagnet/1.html MagnetMotor mit E-Magnet ( Magnetfeld) ------------------------------------------------ The present invention is a direct current generating machine that eliminates the need for brushes or other mechanical commutators. A pair of opposed, spaced apart rotatable rotors, each carrying a plurality of bar magnets, are synchronously rotated about a common axis of rotation. A stationary... Inventor: Stephen Hummel http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=TmPKAAAAEBAJ&dq=3247407 A power generating system includes a torque converter system receiving a rotational motion having a first torque from a source and producing a rotational output having a second torque different from the first torque, a transfer system having a first portion coupled to the rotational output of the... Inventor: Richard J. Wise http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=LLeoAAAAEBAJ&dq=3247407 http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=LLeoAAAAEBAJ&dq=3247407 A torque converter device includes a first body having a first radius and a first thickness, a first plurality of magnets mounted in the first body, the first plurality of magnets including a plurality of magnet pairs, each of the magnet pairs being axially disposed along a centerline of the... Inventor: Richard J. Wise http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=WmTJAAAAEBAJ&dq=3247407 VARIABLE RELUCTANCE DYNAMOELECTRIC MACHINES P. FRENCH http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=8XRkAAAAEBAJ An apparatus for generating electrical energy includes at least one fixedly mounted stator having a generally cylindrical cross-section and further including an inner periphery and an outer periphery. The apparatus additionally includes a rotor which is mounted for rotation relative to... Inventor: Thomas A. Wither http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=NLseAAAAEBAJ&dq=3247407 MAGNETIC MOTOR McClure !!!! http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=QtptAAAAEBAJ&dq=3247407 http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=QtptAAAAEBAJ&dq=3247407 DYNAMO ELECTRIC MACHINES Puttock et al. http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=t3s3AAAAEBAJ&dq=3247407 An electrical synchronous machine, i.e. an alternator or synchronous motor, comprises a rotor having field coils of alternating polarities arranged on core elements of magnetic material and spaced around its axis so as to produce a magnetic field extending away from the core elements and towards... Inventor: Romuald Zdzislaw Rustecki http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=i9g1AAAAEBAJ&dq=3247407 METHOD AND MACHINE FOR GENERATING ELECTRICITY Camille Henri Bruneel http://www.google.de/patents/about?id=tl1qAAAAEBAJ&dq=3247407 Wenn man etwas Neues macht, sagen alle: "Unmöglich." Wenn man zeigt, dass es möglich ist, heißt es: "Ist doch nicht bewiesen." Wenn man es beweist, heißt es: "Ist alles nichts Neues." http://www.fluidmotor.com/index.shtml PATENT ANDERE: http://www.faqs.org/patents/agn/6986 2 Patente Melvin Prueitt Thermas Ocean Solar --------------------------------------------- Trinkwasser: Wastewater to Drinking Water Heard about a system that converts floodwater into drinking water? Ernesto Labuntog says his invention, the Rapid Multi-Media Filtration System, turns wastewater into safe water for drinking and household use. He promises eventually to produce a hybrid that will convert brackish water?even saltwater?into safe drinking water in areas where tap water is scarce. His invention opens up so many possibilities that he plans to put up his own company to bring it wherever safe drinking water is scarce or non-existent. And he's elated by the success of his first project: a P2 million wastewater plant at a poultry farm in Pililla, Rizal, that has been using his technology to process 250,000 liters of wastewater a day for one-and-a-half years. Labuntog says, his gadget removes all impurities from runoff, wells, rivers and lakes. It filters all types of water except salt water using ceramic filters, a technology developed by the Industrial Technology Development Institute. It is compact, low-cost, has a simple design, and uses mostly local materials (80 percent). "Smaller' Smaller versions of my system are ideal for villages'. versions of [my system] are ideal for villages throughout the country and can be mass-produced," says Labuntog, a mechanical engineer. "Potable water can be made available even in the most remote areas, and embracing the technology will result in employment for many people." He estimates that a plant producing 100 cubic meters of water using his system would cost only P500,000. The treatment plant may be fabricated or installed on site, and the cost of treating a cubic meter of water would come to only P8 to P15. He can also produce mobile designs for the military or any government agency. His invention may also be integrated with a water processing system to produce iodized mineral water and reduce iodine deficiency in many children. But the true cost of installing his system would vary according to the degree of pollution in raw water and the size of the plant. Labuntog spent P265,000 to come out with his first prototype in May 2001. His first client, the Pililla Poultry Processing Plant, recovered its P2 million investment in six months. (The plant soon added iodine into its water to sell iodized mineral water. It has also built another plant nearby to produce 50 cubic meters of iodized mineral water a day, and named the company producing it Iodized Mineral Water Inc.) In March, Labuntog started work on a treatment facility in the municipality of Trento in Agusan del Sur. Now he's almost through with a hybrid gadget to process brackish water in Monkayo in Compostela Valley, where drinking water is scarce. Labuntog came into his invention as a result of 30 years of work in Asia and the Middle East, where he was exposed to the technologies used to purify water. At Wake Island's Air Force Base, for in stance, he helped process runoff and seawater for the U.S. military and its dependents. Later, he used his free time to do some research on purification technology. During the 1997-98 drought in the Philippines as a result of El Niño, he returned home to share his experience in water purification technology, but nobody took him seriously. Ironically, Labuntog's invention came through only after a failed seawater desalination project in 1999, which was funded by the Department of Science and Technology. Nonetheless, in 2001 the Metals Industry Research and Development Institute encouraged him to build another prototype and offered its facilities to trim his expenses. The Industrial Technology Development Institute developed the ceramic filters using only local materials, hence reducing the cost of his system. It then tested his invention and evaluated the water it filtered. Labuntog's invention now has a patent pending at the Intellectual Property Office. http://www.neda.gov.ph/knowledge-Emporium/details.asp?DataID=373 http://daigdigpinoy.com/index.php/Inventors-and-Inventions/Water-Purifier-Rapid-Multi-media-filtration-system.html Water purifier, 2007 !!! “You can now drink water from contaminated rivers, floodwaters, lakes and even water from the toilets" -------------------------------------------------------- e Notiz 45 Beschreiben Sie Ihre neue Notiz hier.